Boarding Jet Trooper


High Concept- Deserted Galactic Federation boarding party specialist

Trouble- Suit is stolen tech from when he deserted, marking him as both a traitor to the Galactic Federation and for battling against the Frontier Lands.

Call of the Black- Propaganda got me out here, and living on the ship was what they got used to. Beside everyone eventually seems to try and kill him on the ground.

Wise Cracking Survivor- Uses comedy to cope with the trauma / Can talk to much.

Team Dynamic – Protective of group / PTSD related to team troubles.

Superb (+5)
Great (+4)
Good (+3) Pilot Vehicle Systems
Fair (+2) Pilot Vessel Awareness Conditioning Gunnery
Average(+1) Physical Sci Planetary Sci Will Subterfuge

“Exo Suit”
Function- High powered Breaching EV-Exo.
Flaw- High energy cost, meant for short goings out.

Physical Stress 3 (2+1 Physical Sci) Con; Mild

Strait Burn- When using suit can move 3 zones, Ability to fly and hover
Compact- Breaks self down or suits up. When compact adds +2 to subterfuge to hide it.


Core world child that fell in love with the idea of space travel and the Galactic Federation military do to the propaganda and stories of the black unknown.
As soon as he was old enough to join up (though he tried a few times before that) he enlisted and was found to be talented enough for special forces, with enough physical grit to withstand the more aggressive maneuvers of vehicles.
This is what lead him to getting in the Advanced Vessel Infiltration and Defense program, and eventually stationed with the Kraken unit.
Over the course of the next few years he would be trained in breaking down or building up systems, protecting the vessels he was stationed on from cyber-warfare or waging it to either infiltrate or disrupt enemy ships.
Once the Alliance formed and the war began he had to put his training to use against more than pirates and terrorists, and after a few time where his crew destroyed or disabled ships that seemed to be harboring not the most dangerous traitors, but families just trying to get out of the war path he began to question (although only to himself) if their actions were really correct and they were on the side of right.
After even more months of soul searching, but never doing anything to jeopardize his team, the vessel he was stationed on was in one of the larger battles of the war. During this battle his team boarded another side and during that time his stationed vessel and the rest of the Galactic Federation were forced to flee and those that could did. What was left of his team mates finished taking control of the ship but not before it was too damaged to use and soon it fell to the planet below. With luck he survived the crash relatively intact but was only able to find one very wounded member of his team. After almost three days of evading the Alliance forces with his wounded ally, his friend died. Realizing the people who held him to his post in all his doubt were gone he just faded away, setting it up to make it look like his dead friend was the one that caused all the trouble the last few days and hoping the Federation would assume his death in the crash.
He spent the rest of the war hiding and working on converting the power cells in his suit to run off something other than Federation superchargers.
Once the hyperspace travel lane closed he re-emerged from hiding to try and make his living as a merc until he could find and place and a team to call home.


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