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Space is a lonely and dangerous place

…but free and full of majesty and promise.

Surviving & Thriving in the Frontier

Intragalactic/Interstellar Scale

Humans have long since taken to the stars, colonized new planetary systems, and spread out across their galaxy looking for other life and new opportunities.

[…More Details]

Broadly Varying Technology Levels


Low Fantasy & Psuedo-science Among the Stars


Localized Government, Lawlessness, & Rebellion in the Frontier



The Galactic Federation

A republic presumptive of unifying the galaxy, but dominated by the influence and interest of the core planetary systems. Their influence in the frontier only remains in echoes since they were cutoff during a civil war some decades ago.

[Corporations & The Frontier Rush]

The Alliance of Free Worlds

A rebellion that once cutoff conventional travel between the core systems of The Galactic Federation and the frontier during a war for their independence. However, they are now only able to mount resistance in pockets of the frontier to The Stellar Union, the unintended legacy of their civil war.

[The Fringe Uprising & The Stellar Collapse – 5 years ago]

The Stellar Union

Frontier remnants of the Galactic Federation, claiming their legitimacy by relation and reorganized as a war-time statocracy. They seek to unify and control the frontier for motives ranging from 'being the legacy of the Galactic Federation' or 'the only semblance of law and order on the frontier' to schemes of building their own galactic empire rivaling that of The Galactic Federation.

[Terror, lawlessness & martial law]

Other Factions

Other factions playable with GM permission (they just don't have galactic noteworthy societies yet – unless worked out beforehand).<meta />

Game Aspects

Post Stellar Collapse

The Frontier got its freedom from the core, but at what cost?

The Stellar Union

Run or fight, the frontier’s running out of space that’s free from their reign

Personalities & Places

The Galactic Federation

The Voided System


The Alliance of Free Worlds

Calamity Jun

  • Cunning, iconic leader of the resistance
  • One of Finnegan's family is in her care

The Stellar Union

Colonel Alexander

  • Glory-seeking, posh, but personable intelligence officer with a very dry sense of humor
  • Knows the group are smugglers, but prefers leveraging that to employ the group as informants or free agents
  • Blackmails Finnegan's character to get what he wants, but also provides information or favors after the fact as a show of goodwill… or conditioning?

Other Factions

The Broker

  • Mysterious ex-corp fixer dealing to any faction right under the nose of the Stellar Union

Local Space

Galactic Corridor

The Frontier

Local Planetary Systems


Starting Location


Campaign Setting

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