Character Creation


For more information on aspects & character creation, see the Aspects wiki page.


For more information on skills & character creation, see the Skills wiki page.

Free Stunts

Each character will get 3 stunts to start.

Characters may take additional stunts at the cost of Refresh. (Example stunts & rubrics to be provided. Contact GM for requests/questions/ideas.)


Each character will begin with a refresh of 4.

This means that each session/day characters will recover to a minimum 4 fate points (points gained in excess are not lost). Note that refresh may be sacrificed to take additional stunts & extras (using some together on your ship is recommended, but not required).

What Are Extras?

Unique abilities, equipment, vehicles of your character or the group.

Examples include (but are limited only by your imagination):

  • Something outside skill or ability:

    • Supernatural luck
    • A guardian spirit
  • Being beyond human:

    • Cybernetic modifications
    • Synthetic augmentations
    • Psychic/psionic or other preternatural abilities
  • Unique or powerful equipment

    • Powered armor
    • An armory of painstakingly acquired military-grade black market munitions
    • Your custom-built rifle, "Deloris"
    • An advanced virbosword
    • A personal shield
  • Vehicles

    • The interstellar ship you're all traveling aboard
    • A transforming motor-cycle hovercraft
    • Your personal shuttle and private quarters

Contact GM with requests/questions/ideas. Also see the campaign setting for more examples/ideas of extras.

Ships & Vehicles

Your group will be provided extras for a basic interstellar ship and a basic planetary vehicle. You may use refresh to enhance these extras or add other vehicles/vessels for yourself or the group. (Contact GM for requests/questions/ideas.)

See the Vessels and Vehicles wiki page.

Questions To Answer About Your Character

The following are questions to ponder while/after making your character to help us get a sense of who they are and how they fit into the world. Your aspects should cover most of this, but any unanswered questions should be discussed, mostly just to place your character realistically within the world and events.

  1. What does your character do for a livelihood? How? And for whom?
  2. What events, people, or talents brought your character to this path in life (their goals and/or their livelihood)?
  3. How does your character contribute in a crisis aboard a ship or vehicle?
  4. What does your character do in a ground fight?
  5. How does your character contribute to solving problems that don't involve direct conflict? (e.g. bypassing a door, navigating a dangerous environment, smuggling cargo past a blockade)
  6. What are their immediate goals? The number one thing they want to do right now?
  7. What are their hopes/dreams? What do they hope to accomplish 'some day'?

Character Creation

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